nWo: Who Did and Didn’t Belong?


It’s hard to believe the nWo was finally put to rest twelve and a half years ago on July 15th, 2002 after Hulk Hogan went back to the red and yellow, Scott Hall got fired, and Kevin Nash tore his quad in the ring. Vince McMahon couldn’t keep it alive with its three original members out of the picture so he dissolved it once and for all. Although it had grown stale over the years it was still a tough pill to swallow as the nWo was what caught my attention and made me a wrestling fan back in 1996. Why did the greatest idea in the history of the sport grow stale? Well, if you ask me, it had too many members that just didn’t belong and there weren’t enough new fresh ideas for the stable after the initial push. There seems to be three different categories of nWo members whether it be those who were the right fit to be in the nWo, those the WCW misused by having them join the nWo, and those who should have stayed on the mid-card or as jobbers and never set foot in the nWo. 

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